Only A Safe And Reliable Place...


"I have been a patient with Dr. Lazaga for almost 3yrs now. I used to avoid the dentist’s office if at all possible but since I have been going to Dr. Lazaga's, I have had no reason to fear and it is only a safe and reliable place to go to with all my dental needs.”
- Shane V.

Testimony Story

“I had an abscess tooth that had swelled inside and pinched the nerve.  I was in horrible pain that sent shooting spasms down my right arm.  I went to the ER where I spent 9 hrs waiting to be seen and then they gave me a shot of morphine that only made me sick and did nothing to slow the obscene pain.  After an additional 4 hr wait to be seen by a doctor, the doctor told me he couldn't do anything to help me cuz he wasn't a dentist.  To the hospital’s credit, there was a doctor who eventually saw me a few hrs later who truest to help me but he wasn't a dentist, so he was not able to get me out of pain or fix the problem.
The next day, I called Dr Lazaga's office and explained all that had happened and she told me to come in right away and she would make room for me in her schedule that was already full.  We rushed down there, my girlfriend drove me as I was still in too much pain to think, minutes after arriving at Dr. Lazaga's office she had my mouth numb and I was finally out of pain after 22 hrs of unbearable pain, it was over.  I may have passed out after that, but then Dr. Lazaga took the time to do a complex root canal that not only took care of the pain and infection for good, she saved the tooth as well."  Shane V.