Cosmetic Dentistry

What Are Veneers?

Veneers are thin shells of porcelain fabricated with the help of a dental lab.  They usually cover the front and tops of teeth. Veneers are often the best option for whitening teeth, as well as for correcting problems like chipped, misshaped, worn teeth or large gaps between the front teeth.

Veneer Before   Veneer After


Once they are in place, the veneers are a part of your teeth.  You’ll forget they are there because the bond is so strong. You’ll be more confident sharing your natural-looking beautiful new smile!


Teeth Whitening

Hiding your smile? Age progression, smoking, dark foods and beverages are some of the most common causes of teeth discoloration. Dark and yellow teeth are unpleasant, unattractive and appear unclean. No wonder 85% of Americans agree that whiter teeth makes you look younger.

Sometimes no matter how much you brush, you're just not satisfied with your teeth. Therefore, we offer three whitening treatments.


Zoom is the fastest and most convenient way to whiten your teeth. Schedule a one hour session with our Zoom Whitening Lamp. Treated teeth have been whitened up to 6 shades based on the Vita-Pan Shade Guide.

zoom whitening before  

Want to help a child and brighten your smile? See our Smiles for Life page.

Home Bleaching

Home bleaching give you more control in whitening your teeth and are great for folks prone to tooth sensitivity.

Come to our office for custom whitening trays. Wear the custom tray for 30 minutes to 2 hours each day. Continue daily until desired shade is achieved. Results are usually seen within two weeks.

Internal Bleaching

Internal bleaching is for tooth discoloration caused by root canal treatment. Bleaching is done from the inside of the tooth instead of the outside enamel.

Internal Bleaching Before   Internal Bleaching After
Discolored due to root canal treatment   Natural color restored



White Fillings

Instead of a silver filling, you can have a white filling. A white filling is a permanent filling that matches the shade of your tooth.

There are several advantages to white fillings instead of metal fillings.

  • They are more conservative requiring less removal of the tooth structures and are ideal for small decay.
  • They are not thermoconductive and are less sensitive to hot and cold.
  • Metal fillings can permanently stain your teeth or gums (aka amalgam tatoo), whereas white fillings do not.
  • White fillings adhere to the tooth better than metal.