Smiles for Life

Smiles for Life

What is it?

Smiles for Life is an annual fundraising opportunity from March to June where you can whiten your teeth and help a child, all at the same time. We offer 50% discount on our Opalescence in-office whitening.  100% of the proceeds goes to Smile for Life Foundation and a local children's charity. We do not get any penny of it! For more info, visit the Smiles for Life website.

How it works?

Discuss Dental provides the whitening material, I donate my services and what our office raises goes to Smiles for Life Foundation and our children's ministry at Experience Church. I have been involved in children’s ministry for 19 years serving as a volunteer Sunday school teacher. Based on the 11 years I have participated, I have raised $11,975 to purchase toys and craft supplies. Call our office to schedule a Opalesence whitening session and help us raise money for these kids. For more info, call any of our offices at (619) 477-0570 or (858)486-4222.

How much does Whitening cost?

Our regular price for in-office teeth whitening is $600. But from March through June, we cut the price in half to $300, you get your teeth whitened, help a child, and your contribution is tax-deductible. For the the take home teeth whitening, our regular price is $300 which is reduced to $150 from March through June.

Other ways you can support

Besides getting your teeth whitened, you can also donate at least $10 from March to June during your periodic checkup and cleaning. To show our appreciation of your support, we will display a special card in our front office indicating that you donated (see picture above). On behalf of Dr. Lazaga and the staff, we would like to thank you for your continued support and trust with our office.